Six Brewing Methods

Coffee is more than just a drink. It’s a way of life. To get the purest taste of coffee, you need to know the proper brewing method.

Now, you will find different sorts of brewing methods out there and, each of them offers you a different taste and flavor. Here are the 6 most popular coffee brewing methods:

  1. French Press
  2. Cold Brew
  3. French Press
  4. Pour Over
  5. Chemex
  6. AeroPress
  7. New Orleans Style Ice

French press: The most Popular Coffee brewing method

French press is one of the most popular coffee brewing methods around the world. A cup of French press can make anyone's day. The brewing process is not as hard as you might, though; You need a French press coffee maker and just put some grounds in your pitcher, include enough hot water, and wait at least five minutes for steeping.

If you are ready for the drink, then push the strainer to get it down and, there you have got a fresh cup of coffee. If you need a strong energy boost in the morning, then try to steep your ground a bit longer than usual this will deliver you higher caffeine.

Cold Brew

Cold brewing is similar to the French press technique. It has become very popular with coffee lovers. When it comes to cold brew, you got to use cold water instead of hot, and grounds need to be stepped for around 12 hours.

You will get a sweeter and crispier cup of coffee, sometimes even better than coffee shop specials. Cool waters are more effective in bringing out the natural flavor of your coffee oils. On the other hand, hot water tends to take it away.


Chemex appeared in the 1940s but, then people kind of forgot about it. But it is making a comeback. The process is quite similar to the standard-drip machine.

Here you pour hot water into your coffee grounds. But Chemex is quite special because you will need a filter three times thicker than a normal one. As a result, you get a coffee with pure flavor and smoother texture.

Pour Over

The pour-over drip method offers you a full-bodied and strong cup of coffee. You will find a lot of coffee lovers who would determine pour-over as the best they have ever tried.

In the pour-over method, coffee grounds get wet evenly. And this is effective in extracting the true flavor and unique notes out of your coffee beans. It gives you full control over the taste, water temperature, and strength.


Alan Adler invented this manual coffeemaker. It comes with a cylinder chamber and plunger, including an airtight silicone seal. When you press the plunger through the chamber, the water and ground coffee beans are steeped inside then pushes through the filter.

It offers you a higher PH than a drip coffee, which means less acidity. Brewing takes only 30 seconds and contains much lower caffeine.

The best thing about the AeroPress is you can take it anywhere you want as it comes with a lightweight and compact design.

New Orleans Style Ice

This is another cold coffee brewing method that could be an ideal choice as your summertime drink. It will offer you an excellent district and warm flavor. But don’t look for New Orleans-style ice coffee in your local coffee shops, it is quite hard to find. However, the good news is that you can make it at home! 

Brew coffee and chicory for 12 hours and you will get a district and strong-flavored cup of coffee. Adding whole milk, cream, and homemade syrup can elevate the taste to another level.