ESG Statement

  • We commit to transparency in our supply chain.
  • We commit to traceability of our products.
  • We commit to sourcing sustainable products (for people and planet) in our agricultural supply chain.
  • We commit to social investments in the community to make a positive impact on the communities we serve, and across the globe.
  • We commit to the selection of individual ingredients that can address as many dietary concerns as possible for our consumers.


  • We will maintain a steadfast commitment to consumer protection throughout all company decisions.
  • We will engage in responsible business practices.
  • We commit to supply chain visibility and efficiencies.
  • We commit to regulatory compliance and food safety.
  • We commit to GS1 supply chain standards.
  • We commit to providing as much and as detailed product information as is feasible.

Coffee Camaraderie

Sunday Morning loves to shout out our comrades in the coffee business. We think life is better for everyone when you are friendly. We take the time to reach out to other coffee businesses to let them know how much we appreciate their commitment to their customers by providing quality products. This month we are featuring several socially conscious coffee shops, roasters, and brands. Be sure to visit them, and if you are local, go sit for a great cup!

We can make such a greater impact together; there is room at the table for all of us!

ADOS Coffee

Black Acres Roastery – Black Acres Roastery-Subscriptions, Cold Brew, Shop, Brew Guides (

Cxffeeblack – cxffeeblack

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      Sunday Morning Coffee Education

      Sunday Morning Coffee loves to educate! Savannah is a Trainer by trade, and she finds any opportunity to empower the community through education. This month, Savannah was contacted by a few Johns Hopkins University business students to help develop smarter business marketing strategies and targeting the ideal customers.

      Did you know???

      The coffee plant, along with tobacco, sugar cane, and cotton, was a crop that was cultivated by slave labor in the Americas, connecting Black lives to the history of the plant's massive influence in modern culture. The plant itself is tied to Africa—it was discovered and taken from Northeastern Africa (many sources specifically say Ethiopia) in the 17th century.

      According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), Coffee arabica—the most commonly consumed form of coffee—"originated in the forests of Ethiopia and South Sudan, then famously spread throughout the world for the production of its seeds."

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